We Fly Your Stuff Direct!

• We are a dedicated air charter, all cargo service company located in Anchorage offering direct service to over 200 locations in rural Alaska.

• With direct nonstop service to your village or job site, your freight doesn’t sit in the hub in Anchorage waiting to be transferred to another air carrier.

• Direct service from Anchorage reduces the potential for delay, damage and loss.  It eliminates the difficulty in the tracking/tracing of your shipment when you only have to rely on one carrier to get it to your location in Alaska.

We Don’t Lose Your Stuff! 

• With the other guys, you get your floor joists but no one can find your joist hangers! With DesertAir Alaska, we make sure we transport everything you order from our Anchorage hub.

• We bring you the foundation materials before we bring the roofing materials; we know the foundation goes in first.

• Access to tracking and coordinating delivery of your freight with DesertAir Alaska is available 24/7, we are an air cargo carrier that never closes!

We Don’t Break Your Stuff!

• We put the doors and windows on top of  the sheet rock.

We Don’t Charge You Extra for Your Stuff!

• Since our DC-3 and CV-240 airplanes have over 1200 cubic feet of space, we don’t charge extra for dimensional weight on your insulation.

• And we don’t add on exception ratings like the other guys for your hazmat or oversize items or difficult to handle loads.  You will not incur hidden fees or unexpected surcharges ever with DesertAir Alaska!

• We offer backhaul rate discounts and your shipments are never delayed due to scheduled service requirements to the mainline points!

• With air freight as our only  priority, we don’t use cargo as “filler” for light mail volumes and we don’t charge 30% extra for priority service like the other guys.

We Get Your Stuff Where You Want It When You Need It!

• At DesertAir, we understand we are in the air freight business in the rural Alaska market, which means moving big, ugly, bulky stuff to distant remote village locations.

• Our air cargo airplanes are equipped to land on unpaved runways, gravel and dirt strips; the planes have large cargo doors to accommodate unusal size freight and to facilitate loading/unloading.

• Our experienced flight crews have over 100,000 hours combined of accident-free flying in the state of Alaska, ensuring your freight arrives safe and secure.

What It Really Costs to Use The Other Guys to Ship Your Stuff!

• We know you have a crew you are paying to wait for the material.  Time is money and the cost of your project increases when you don’t have your product.  Our priority at DesertAir is to transport it exactly when you need to have it!

• When your vendor or supplier makes a mistake on your order, DesertAir can intercede on your behalf to help expedite your material, which will expedite your air freight delivery.

• We always inspect the product when delivered to our air freight yard – we don’t let suppliers inadvertently send damaged goods. 

Your Stuff is Not Subsidized by Other So-called “More Important Stuff”!

• We do not subsidize our air cargo service with passenger service and bypass mail. 

• At DesertAir Alaska air freight is our only business, giving you more reliable service than the other guys.

So, if you’re tired of paying higher priority rates to get your air cargo moved to the “front of the line” and if you’re tired of following your air freight through the “hub”, then take advantage of DesertAir’s direct service from Anchorage to your location, where YOU are the hub!

At DesertAir, we just do it better
for you than the other guys!