About Our Airplanes

The Convair 240 airplane complements our DC-3 fleet.  The CV-240 hauls 7500 lbs to airstrips 3800’ or longer.  The Convair has more than 2100 cubic ft. freight capacity, accommodating transport of high volume air cargo and extra bulky air freight items such as doors, windows and insulation.

The DC-3 airplanes also have a large haul capacity of 6500 lbs and can get in and out of runways as short as 2800 ft.  The DC-3’s large tundra tires can accommodate gravel and dirt strips prevalent in remote sites.  But the best thing about all of our aircraft is their big awesome cargo doors, allowing all of your air cargo to actually fit in the plane.



About Us, or why call an Alaska owned and operated air carrier DesertAir?

DesertAir originally started up its Part 135 charter operation in the 1990s in the high mountain desert of Utah flying auto parts across the country and Canada. DesertAir initially flew fish seasonally in Alaska with the workhorse of the Alaska interior, the DC-3 airplane.

We began fulltime year round air charter cargo service to rural Alaska across its “ice deserts” in 2001, adding direct points of service each year to remote Alaska destinations.  DesertAir Alaska now serves over 200 locations with direct nonstop all cargo charter service from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

IceAir?  Too obvious.  NorthAir?  Way overused.  AlaskaAir?  Too many lawyers involved.  TransportAir? Ho-hum.  So DesertAir was reborn DesertAir Alaska, there are sand dunes at Kobuk you know.

About Our Location 

Our office and maintenance facility location is located at: 4001 Old International Airport Road, Unit 9.  Stop by next time you're in the neighborhood, the coffee pot is always on.